Black Girl Magic Pt:1

A few years ago there was a quote circulating that said… ” Being a black girl is like being a part of some super exclusive, prestigious, goddess organization…it’s lit.” I remember freaking out about that quote because it was spot on, IT WAS/ IS SO LIT.

My favorite summer activity this year is walking through the city and people watching. It is so empowering to watch black women just be, and to do it so shamelessly. I have been blessed with rainbow colored afros, shameless tattoo sleeves, and head to toe slayage on a daily basis and it encourages me to hold my head higher and to stick my chest out further.

This is important, because for so much of my life I have felt like my black womanhood was a disruption. I tried to dim it as much as I could, I mimicked the outfits and hairstyles of my Caucasian peers hoping to feel included, hoping not to disrupt; but this is a new era. An era in which black women, and girls, realize their magic and rock it without shame. My children and their children will grow up in love with themselves, and their hair textures, and their magical natural melanin summer glow and they will be more powerful for it.

Here’s to summer vibes, Black Girl Magic, and powerful black women, “may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” –unknown

Do you have any Black Girl Magic stories or realizations? Share them below! 

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