Out on the Town- Flirty and Chic

We woke up this Sunday morning and my husband said,

“Babe, let’s go out into the city today.”

I thought about the complete and utter potato-ness I’d been settling into the past week and a half and thought to myself “I should do better by my man, and myself.”

“Okay! Like a date?” I responded. I have to make sure to get details with my husband. He is liable to take us to the city to walk around for half an hour. I needed to be sure of exactly how cute I would need to be for this “outing”.

“Yeah”, he shrugged his shoulders. Oh, my man. *silent swoon* So nonchalant.

My mind got to work. How could I render my brand new husband speechless? I knew that our base level right now was potato, so anything fancier than a potato would do but I wanted to wow him so I decided to kick things up a notch for our city outing. I was going to wear jeans and a t-shirt but this wow called for much more.

I ended up choosing a slightly revealing baby blue button down top with a cinched waist, a leather mini-skirt that I love but never feel like I get to wear, and my favorite black block heels to accentuate my legs. I paired the look with some slim gold hoops and a high bun with some hair left out in front to frame my face.

For makeup I went super simple and added a bold lip. This pink-ish burgundy shade is $4.00 lip liner that I filled my lips in with and added a clear gloss to. I chose the simplest eyelashes I had, added a single coat of mascara to my top and bottom lashes and actually plucked my brows – we call this, love. I put Maybelline foundation over my brand new PUR primer and of course freshly moisturized and sun-screened skin. I did some really simple highlight with my e.l.f. highlight from almost 3 years ago, sorry face. I only applied my definitely expired highlight to my cheekbones and temple.

It made for a cute look! I do want to mention that the skirt rode up all night and I ditched the heels for our walk around the city after dinner *hello faithful sandals*, so the look wasn’t fool proof, but was it cute? Yes, absolutely. It made for a happy husband, a confident me, and a great dinner look.

How do you “wow” your partner?

What’s your favorite date night look?

I’m looking forward to reading all about you!

Until next time,



Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Heels: Ross

Hoops: Forever 21

Primer: PUR 4-in-1 Correcting Primer

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+Smooth – 355 Coconut

Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash- BIG – Blackest Black

Lip Liner: Wet n’ Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner – 662D Don’t Be a Prune

3 thoughts on “Out on the Town- Flirty and Chic

  1. You are so pretty and also wonderful no wonder he was wowed. Wish mine we take me on a date. Sigh!!!!!

  2. To wow my partner, all I have to do is change my hair. He loves my curls but he compliments every installment and protective look too. Besides hair, if I feel good about myself and I’m confident, he can sense it and is “wowed.”

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