Making Every Day Special

This past Sunday Jake and I spent the entire day together doing completely random activities that make me happy. Jake was inspired by the Tik-Tok/Reels challenge where you ask your partner to spend the day doing what you know they love. Y’all, the day was perfect! It went a little something like this…

9:00am: Worship with Church Worship Team (Good for my soul, no complaints here.)

11:00am: Late Breakfast at Big Momma’s- a place we’d never heard of but will now tell everyone about.

11:30am: Coffee at Jubilee Roasting Co. Our favorite spot.

11:45am: Home to change into seasonally appropriate clothing because it was truly a fall day and I left out too much skin for the wind to attack. – I did a little extra for myself, my husband, and IKEA I put on lashes and lipstick.

12:30pm: Enter a very busy IKEA.

12:45pm: Marvel at the brilliance of Swedish design – seriously though, it’s so seamless and functional.

1:00pm: Gaze into eachothers eyes, gush about how much you’re enjoying this super chill day. Shamelessly imagine that the dreamy home office/ home library you’re standing in is actually yours.

1:10pm: Consider putting a rush on it, then decide not to because you are committing this day to doing exactly what you want.

4:30pm: Leave IKEA with fewer dollars in our spending and the living room you’ve been dreaming of.

5:00pm: Grab some delicious food to share before dinner.

5:30pm: Enter Target, beeline to Starbucks for a caffeine re-up, purchase baby shower gifts for cousins, look at more home decor, look at some clothes – buy more than you intended.

7:30pm: Leave Target- Laugh about how much you bought convince each other you needed it all- recommit to your October budget.

8:00pm- Drop off baby shower goodness.

8:30pm: Grab some slices of Pizza from Fat Sully’s.

9:00pm: Arrive at home, unpack our very full car.

10:00pm: Watch Lovecraft, assemble new furniture, eat pizza, and snuggle-essential.

Making our house a home, focusing on eachother, goofing about things that no one else would find funny? Bliss. And the next day? We felt so refreshed! We didn’t need to take a vacation, buy a massage, go in for a mani-pedi, or do anything out of reach to feel good. We found bliss in the simple things, loving each other and other people well.

We reflected on the day as we wound down for the night. How could we make each day feel like this? Our days had been rushed lately, like we were sprinting all day to get from point A to B. It felt mundane and exhausting. We don’t want to live in a perpetual rat race. I looked at Jake and asked him, “Can we make every day special?” He nodded his head and smiled. “What will we do to make tomorrow special?” He asked. We planned a candle lit dinner, I cooked because Jake loves a home cooked meal and we sat down, ate a veggie meal and listened to Jazz, again – bliss.

This season we’re taking time to try and make every day special. We’ll make trying something new a habit, we’ll invest in experiences, we’ll dedicate time to each other and time to brainstorming and acting on our goals and we’ll remind each other just how much fun we’re having in the middle of it. I’m just hoping to create or run into a blissful moment at least once a day. Hopefully, that will help us to avoid the exhaustion of the rat race. Maybe one day we’ll learn to avoid the rat race all together.

How do you make a day special? Have you had any special days recently?

2 thoughts on “Making Every Day Special

  1. LOVE THIS. I saw a quote somewhere that said something like “I aim to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.” I have been trying to do the same thing in my own life with my work and all of the things.

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