Small Business Saturday: Blogmas Day 5

I’ve gotta be honest with y’all. At the beginning of the year my sole intent was to purchase products from Small Businesses only. Unfortunately, once Covid-19 hit the convenience and affordability of Target and Amazon clouded my judgement. Eventually, in July I basically hopped off of the Amazon train and found myself, in the deep and dense forest of small businesses- and it is a deep deep forest. But you know what I found in that forest? Magic. The creativity and consideration in the products I’m going to feature over the next few weeks are unreal.

For the next few Saturday’s I am going to share some Small Businesses that would be great for gift ideas for the holidays for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply loving on your people. Some of these products I have tried, other are products I am endlessly excited to try but my budget hasn’t allowed quite yet. That being said, I am an in-depth researcher so I still feel as if these products have been properly vetted.

Let’s get started.

First up!

BodyLove by Tal

First of all, the way that the Owner of BodyLove by Tal, Natalya markets her products is brilliant. I am a sucker for good marketing. Her products (which I have tried) are very good but I think that people are drawn to the authenticity of her brand and her personality. Her social media account features her products but also presents resources for your general wellness which is so refreshing. Even her website is incredibly descriptive, you know exactly what is in your products and why they are included.

My favorite product from BodyLove by Tal is her Calendula Eczema Salve. My husband had eczema that popped up on his skin out of nowhere. We tried everything for about two weeks, then this product cleared it up in – I kid you not- a week and a half. I will say, the jar was smaller than I expected for the price but we pay quality dollars for quality products, stellar marketing, and all the other expenses that small businesses have to front themselves.

One of her star products is her Clarity Face System which boasts incredible reviews from people with acne prone skin. I haven’t tried it yet because my skin is incredibly sensitive and normally products for people with acne prone skin dry my face out like no other but if she releases products for sensitive skin anytime soon, I will be in line to check it out.

You can check out her products here.

Have you tried BodyLove by Tal?

If so, what did you think? If not, what are your favorite small body product brands.

Til next time,


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