Christmas Decorating for Newlyweds: Pt. 1

Today we walked around Home Depot for almost 20 minutes back and forth between my dream mini-Christmas tree and a Christmas-esque shrubbery display. We ended up leaving without anything because we have to revisit the drawing board. Here is what I have learned so far over our first Christmas Decor season married.

I like simplicity.

Jake like’s rustic.

I like subtle.

Jake likes grand.

I want a Christmas Tree.

Jake wants a Christmas display…?

Oh, and that one should start planning Christmas Decor months in advance.

Listen, I don’t know what I expected Christmas decorating to be like once I got married but I definitely didn’t anticipate my husband being this opinionated about decor. I knew he loved this season but I didn’t know he loved decorating as much as I did. Now, we get to design a happy middle ground on a shoestring budget.

I am completely lost friends. Christmas at home was simple, we had decor that we used time and time again year after year – but designating your own decor to begin with? I didn’t even think about that. We didn’t even think about that.

So, today I come asking for advice.

How did you combine holiday styles for your first Christmas with your partner?

And also,

What are your hacks for grand decor on a budget that is teeny?

Looking forward to your responses,

Love always,


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