A Soft Black Girl

She’s a soft black girl

She cries almost everyday

Her emotions are her strength

Her tears carry her deepest hurts and fears

As they fall she is healing

She rebukes the notion that she can only exist in one way

Because she is also a strong black girl

And one can’t exist without the other

Her softness gives way to strength and her strength gives way to softness

She loves adventure and adrenaline

She loves all things cozy and gentle, and all things steady and rigid

She loves quality time and rest

She loves the speed of the city and the slowness of the country

She loves

Every black girl I’ve known is a soft black girl

Its just that sometimes soft black girls have to hide because it is possible to be too soft in an environment where you are not safe.

So, when she shows you both her softness and strength – honor that, it’s magic.

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